This is a guest post by Isai Guerra


There is nothing quite like New York at Christmas time. The city that never sleeps lights up even more than normal, if you can even imagine that. The ever-present daylight in Time Square serves to shed light on the shopping and touristic endeavors of all who have come to partake in the festivities of the season. It was in this beautiful madness that we found ourselves with our dear friends, taking it all in; the food, the sights, even the bitter cold was somehow welcomed. We explored for five days, with Alex serving as a sort of subway tour guide, only getting us lost once, which is extremely impressive if you have ever seen how the subway system works. At the center of it all, we laughed, enjoyed every moment, and strengthened our bond of friendship. New York truly is the greatest city in the world, made better only when shared with friends.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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Day 5

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