There are so many words to describe this couple, but the one word I am going to choose to use is PASSION! Boy were these two steaming hot for each other. The two played it traditional and chose not to see each other until Cari’s walk down the aisle, but my oh my were the moments after their first kiss one of the most passionate we’ve witnessed. The two were anxiously awaiting the time they could reunite. Their anticipation was somewhat relieved when the two were able to hold hands around the corner to exchange sweet words and a family prayer alongside their daughters. Tears were shed, words were exchanged, and love was felt through gentle hand squeezes and arms rubs. Jorge and Kari were more than ready when the time came for their walk down the aisle. The backdrop couldn’t be more perfect with water falling down the lush greenery at Remi’s Ridge at Hidden Falls. The two weld up with tears of joy and excitement to finally see each other. Their vows were heartfelt and filled with meaning, and they shared a most passionate kiss (or should I say kisses), as their ceremony came to an end. As they walked down the aisle towards their reception hall, Jorge couldn’t resist pulling Cari in for several more kisses filled with equally as much passion as the first. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind, that Jorge and Cari were in for a marriage filled with passion and excitement!


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