We knew it was going to be a good session when Jeremy and Eliza came zooming in their Jeep Wrangler onto the gravel of the hill country. As Eliza hopped out of the car to greet us, Jeremy zipped out onto the ground and whipped his hair forward, spritzing it down with sea salt spray, and tousling it to bedhead perfection. It was like watching a scene from a very misguided Jeep commercial. It certainly set the expectation for the kind of session we were about to capture. Eliza had the most animated way of expressing herself which shone through the lens and balanced out Jeremy’s calm spirit. So, it was no surprise that Jeremy and Eliza’s chemistry was through the roof. They put out such an iconic rock couple vibe with their unique sense of style, and passionate glares. They couldn’t help but be less than 2 inches apart from each other and be the coolest people ever without even trying. This session had rock star vibes written all over it, and we hope you enjoy it!


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