Getting to know Taylor and Jamie throughout the planning process was like hanging out with friends. They were easy to connect with, and their genuine hearts always shone through. So, it was no surprise that on their wedding day it was apparent that they both came from the sincerest families and were surrounded by so much love. It truly was a heartfelt occasion through and through. In addition to all the love, Jamie and Taylor’s Briscoe wedding was elegant, cheerful, and full of fun surprises. Before Taylor got to see Jamie in her wedding gown, Jamie decided to surprise Taylor with a mock first look, and it was everything and more! Taylor was overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of seeing Jamie for the first time in her gown but was quickly blindsided by one of his groomsmen in a wedding dress waiting to greet him. After the fun little spoof, Jamie and Taylor rewound for a real first look, and Taylor was still overwhelmed with emotion to see his beautiful bride. They exchanged encouraging words and went on to be married in the most romantic outdoor ceremony, surrounded by the ones they love. Jamie and Taylor danced their way into their reception and celebrated the night away!

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