As wedding photographers, we have been so privileged to have met and worked with some of the sweetest people out there, and Jackie and Gerrett are no exception. Jackie and Gerrett are both from Indiana and travel a lot for work. We were so lucky that they both happened to have time off from their work travels and chose to have their elopement ceremony at the beautiful Hotel Emma here in San Antonio. These two had the most personal and intimate ceremony in a quaint corner of their hotel suite. Both were giddy with excitement and anticipation to finally be able to call each other husband and wife. Jackie had been getting ready all day and both had explored their venue for picture perfect scenery to capture their day. After their ceremony Gerrett and Jackie were like a new couple in puppy love, sneaking giddy little kisses from each other. We took a leisure tour of Hotel Emma, and snapped along the way, capturing their very special day together as newlyweds. Their personalities were equally as playful, and their laughs were contagious. Jackie and Gerrett had so much fun together, and they are most certainly in for a marriage full of laughter and amusement!


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